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Whether you’re a teacher seeking to inspire your students in the class,

a parent seeking to improve your child's Chinese literacy,

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Appreciate Rich Chinese Culture

The content is valuable for every young Chinese in order to learn Chinese Culture.

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Develop effective listening skills by watching interesting cartoons.

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Listen to authentic animated stories help to improve written vocabulary.


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The website is your online multimedia library which never closes.

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You can watch the cartoon on any device includes the computer, laptop, tablet, and cell phone.

Authentic Materials, Modern Design

Stories are written by native speakers, and produce into cartoons with vivid design.






Mdm Tan Kai Sin

Holy Innocents’ Primary School


.....is a Chinese listening and reading site that features animated stories in Mandarin with both pinyin, traditional and simplified characters. The stories are fun, the animation is good and because they’re read aloud even younger-grade children can easily follow along......

Elizabeth Weise

Mandarin Immersion Parents Council


.....Though the material is aimed at younger age groups, Chinese learners of all ages can enjoy the services the website has to offer; the material is not only fun to read, but it is also extremely fun to watch......”

Sailor Skye

San Francisco State University


Watch, Laugh, Learn